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On this wiki page, I will be updating and adding background information about the world, characters, history, and other things. They will be updated with plot relevant information if possible (I make no promises, but I’d love to try and stay on the ball with this one). This is as much for my own organization as it is for your help, so don’t feel bad if you ignore it. If you as the players want to add information, details, or notes, feel free to as you see fit! I welcome help.

Weyward and Its Locations

Weyward is a large continent, stretching many climate zones. The northern reaches of the continent are subject to long, cold, brutal winters. Further south the climate is rather temperate, and large mountains and forests dominate the eastern part of the continent. Eventually I’d like to draw a map.

Important People and Organizations

History, Events, and the Such

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff


Personally I feel like music is a great way to add flavor and immersion to role-playing games. So, if everyone is cool with it, I’d like during gameplay to occasionally play some ambient music when the situation calls for it. Along those lines, to help you get into the adventuring mood, the unofficial “Theme Song” for Left Undone can be found here



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