Lorre Empire

The Lorre Empire is one of the oldest standing and strongest nations in all of Weyward. The capital is the large port city of Lorre, which is the largest city in the entire continent. The nation is ruled by the aging the Emperor Lucas Galius VI and the Senate of Lords.

Lorre is very progressive and active with its power. The empire wields a very advanced and powerful army. Lorre is also currently expanding its borders to more remote parts of Weyward by setting up colonies, a rather new practice that is frowned upon by many outside of Lorre.

Lorre’s power is expanded by the Circle of Magi, an elite group of mages who practice all sorts of magical research. In addition, the Knights of the Shield operate as a sort of super-legal “brotherhood of justice”, though in more recent times they have operated as diplomatic or peace keeping forces for the Lorre government.

Historically, Lorre used to be a small republic, surrounded by many rival nations and Golgari to the south. However, that all changed with the arrival of William Galius. He wanted to unite all of Weyward under one banner, and through military might he usurped control of Lorre and set it down the path of conquest. He never lived to see the results of his plan; he died from a wound sustained in a small skirmish 3 months into the war effort, but his young son Vincent Galius picked up where his father left off and led Lorre to battle. Over many years he conquered all the people in what is now modern day Lorre, and waged war against the Golgari and the tribes now known as the Urha. To protect themselves from being defeated, the Urhan Tribes united and created the Kingdom of Urha along with their Sylvan neighbors and successfully defended their homeland for many years until the war ended. To this day, Lorre has had strained relations with Urha.

In more recent times, Lorre fought Urha in the Dawn War,which began as a petty territorial dispute and erupted when a Lorran agent apparently assassinated a high ranking Urhan politician. In the war, the Urhans suffered a grave defeat and were forced to conceed a large portion of their territory to Lorre.

Lorre Empire

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