Garret Melson

Ranger and hunter from Snowblind.


Garret was one of the original settlers of Snowblind; he was only 6 when his family made the trek. Since then, Garret has not only survived, but he has thrived. He is one of the most important citizens in Snowblind; everyone knows him, and he knows everybody. Garret has spent much of his life beyond the walls of Snowblind, hunting, tracking, and learning the lay of the land. Because of his extensive experience, many people in Snowblind consider Garret to be the best hunter and archer in the town. He has also made detailed maps of the region beyond Snowblind during his many expeditions.

When the strange occurrences and disappearances began plaguing Snowblind, Garret struck out into to the wilderness, looking for answers. Two weeks later, he returned with no answers, but the damage to the town was greater. Rather than risk losing more friends, Garret has decided to take vigil at the town walls, protecting against whatever is out there.

Garret Melson

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